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government that is out of control. from new york, defending from new york, defending freedom, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: next on "special report," as the christmas day bombing subject makes his first appearance in court, critics say the administration should have been aware of the threat from the group it says was behind the attack. as the u.s. targets one of those men, there are questions about legal rights and wrongs in the war on terror. new unemployment numbers are out, but they don't tell the whole story. and how will differences in abortion policy be resolved in healthcare reform legislation. part five of jim angle's series. all that, plus the fox all-stars and the friday lightning round right here, right now. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. the man authorities say tried to blow up an american
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airliner on christmas day went before a judge today. correspondent steve brown has the story from detroit. in his first court appearance, umar farouk abdulmutallab through his attorney pled not guilty to all six counts in the federal indictment charging him with attempting to detonate a bomb concealed in his underwear aboard northwest flight 253. wearing a white t-shirt and olive pants, the nigerian national spoke softly as he confirmed he was not challenging being held without bond. standing with abdulmutallab, miriam ceiver, one of three public dependers with strong reputations. >> i would describe them as the a-plus team. they are extraordinary lawyers, individually and, and they will be extraordinary defense team as a group. >> bret: although it was thought that abdulmutallab's father would be at the arraignment, he was not. >> let him through. let him through. >> bret: instead, on hand was one person from the nigerian embassies and attorneys representing the defendant's family. outside the courthouse, a group of muslim american
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passionately denounced terrorism done in the name of islam. >> we're going to let the terrorist know that you want us, we're here, we're on camera. you want to kill us, here is the bulls eye. right here! >> bret: even though the obama administration hinted it may be open to a plea deal for abdulmutallab, the chief federal prosecutor says her team is getting ready. >> there is a lot of work to be done to make sure that the case is prepared properly. we are preparing as if it's going to trial. >> bret: the idea of a trial doesn't sit well with group of 22 u.s. senators all republicans who signed a letter on the way to president obama asking him to reconsider giving abdulmutallab his day or days in court. bret? >> bret: steve brown, live in detroit. steve, thank you. the obama administration is coming under new criticism for failing to see the danger posed by the terror group said to be behind that plot. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports the critics said the government should have been aware of the potential for
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trouble. >> president obama began a week-long refocus on the ailing u.s. economy even as his top advisors say they were shocked to learn of al-qaeda's lethal operational strength in yemen and its ability to recruit a lone attacker. >> al-qaeda in arabian peninsula is extension of al-qaeda corps out of pakistan. it's one of the most lethal and co concerning. >> all of this learned only after umar farouk abdulmutallab, al-qaeda operative out of nigeria, failed to blow up northwest flight 253 on christmas day. >> we had a strategic sense of where they were going, but we didn't know they progressed to the point of actually launching the individuals here. we have taken that lesson and so now we're on top of it. >> the top counterterrorism experts like rick nelson say the white house shouldn't have been surprised from the threats from yemen and the c.i.a. shouldn't have waited until now to add agents focussed on it. >> the threat of al-qaeda in yemen is not new. we can recall the uss cole attack in 2000 where 17 sailors lost their lives and numerous others were injured.
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then again, the al-qaeda in yes yemen, attacked the u.s. embassy a few years ago. threat of al-qaeda in yemen is not something new. >> former democratic congressman and former 9/11 commission chairman lee hamilton agrees. >> it seems to me that we've known for some time that al-qaeda is recruiting and training, improving their skills in yemen. >> hamilton criticized the administration for failing to intensify its hunt for terror ties in yemen after the fort hood massacre, and major hasan's collection to cleric lawmak al-awlaki implicated in the abdulmutallab plot. >> one, two, three, four five bits of information that are hidden among mountains of data. and you have to be able to select those out, analyze them quickly and act on them. >> top obama advisors argue they did step up their efforts after fort hood. >> on the issue of will
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al-awlaki we stepped up o efforts wondering what he might be doing here. >> we have not had the kind of intense priority and urgency that is needed. maybe the speech of the president yesterday will change that. i hope it will. we'll see. >> this morning the director of national intelligence denny blair sent a letter to his colleagues saying the agency would "take a fresh and penetrating look" at the human and technical performance going forward. moments ago the same director of national intelligence said he was asking john mclaughlin who served briefly under president bush as acting director of the c.i.a. to gather group of intelligence efforts to look at what went wrong before the fort hood massacre and failed christmas day attempt to "remedy potential weaknesses the incidents exposed." bret? >> bret: major garrett, live on the north lawn. thank you. ♪ ♪
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>> bret: on the fox news job hunt, the latest numbers on unemployment. correspondent james rosen reports while the jobless rate was unchanged a closer look reveals a still dismal situation for a struggling american workforce. >> even as he touted his plan to award $2.3 billion in stimulus funded tax credit to companies developing green energy technology, president obama acknowledged they slipped back on the number one priority last month. >> job numbers released by the labor department this morning are reminder that the road to recovery is never straight. we have to continue to work every single day to get our economy moving again. for most americans, and for me, that means jobs. >> and once again, there were fewer of those with 85,000 people losing their jobs last month according to the labor department and the overall jobless rate holding steady at 10%. but the white house also posted online this chart. showing the quarterly rate of job loss slowed by 90% over the course of 2009. evidence the president said that the overall trend is pointing in the right
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direction. >> the recovery act has been a major force in breaking the trajectory of this recession, and stimulating growth and hiring. >> you can set up a virtual recruiter for every job you're looking for. >> at the franklin street one stop career center in northeast d.c., debra shipman white is take her year-long job hunt online and beyond the staffing agencies that she says has done her little good. >> i'm using more the state and government resources than the private resources. >> computer savviness, adaptability to new technology, facility with clean energy, aids that mr. obama says in viewing the american workers with these skill sets will assure that hiring catches up with the rebounding activity but they spoke of the president with more legislation. >> he will look at opportunities to expand the infrastructure expansion and he will call on the congress to help put a job package together. >> republican lawmakers released a few charts of their own like this one showing nearly 3 million jobs lost since president obama signed the stimulus package into law last february. >> the policies of this
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administration and this congress have been waging war on job creation in this country. what we ought to be doing is embracing a fundamental change of direction. we ought to be walking away from the planned takeovers, from the national energy tax, from more deficits, more debt, more borrowing. >> the country actually created 4,000 jobs in the month of november. the first gain in that category in nearly two years. but that trend obviously did not persist. further evidence of that if needed came from atlanta today where ups, the global shipping giant announced it's cutting 1800 management and administrative jobs. >> lean times. james, thank you. >> bret: the house oversight committee wants some answers from treasury secretary tim geithner about his role in the bail-out of aig. it plans to question him about news that key details of the bail-out were surprised by the federal ereserve bank of new york, while geithner was its president. geithner office and the new york fed say he was unaware of the push for secrecy.
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stocks finish the week on a positive note. the dow was up 11 1/3. the s&p 500 gained 3 1/4. nasdaq finished ahead 1 a17 and change. benchmark crude oil finished higher to settle at $82.75 a barrel. gasoline is selling for average of $2.73, up 8 cents from a week ago and dollar from a year ago. we will tell you the story behind one of sarah palin's most unforgettable campaign lines. and is a healthcare reform compromise possible over the uncompromising issue of abortion? will everyone with constipation please report to gate 17? thank you so much. constipation's uncomfortable enough, so why take a harsh laxative? phillips' caplets work naturally with your colon...
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for overnight relief without cramps. phillips' caplets.
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>> bret: there is perhaps no more polarizing issue in healthcare reform debate than abortion. tonight, chief washington correspondent jim angle concludes his series "healthcare countdown debating the differences" by examining the house and senate positions on the politically charged topic. >> reporter: those on both sides of the abortion issue
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have strongly held beliefs that are difficult to compromise, complicated the effort to marry the house and senate bills which are distinctly different. >> there is either federal funding for abortion or there isn't. there isn't middle ground on the issue. >> reporter: in the house, speaker nancy pelosi was only able to pass healthcare bill after allowing a vote on tough language sponsored by bart stupak, prohibiting any taxpayer dollars from funding abortion. supporter describes it this way -- >> it prohibits abortion funds not only within the public programs, but for any insurer who wants to participate in the public program. >> reporter: allowing a vote on that, the only amendment miss pelosi alo youed won her 40 democratic votes she would have otherwise lost. even with them, she only won by five votes leaving little room for compromise. pro-life forces are not happy with the senate bill which has looser restrictions. it would create exchanges to offer insurance plans state-by-state. at least one plan would have to offer abortion unless the state's opt out, which isn't easy.
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>> each state if they want out of the abortion mandates that are in the senate plan would have to pass their own laws to get out of funding abortion. >> reporter: so will house members vote for the stupak amendment accept anything less? >> the exclusion has to remain in place that no federal taxpayer dollars can be used directly or indirectly to fund abortions. >> but the pro choice forces are also angry so can the house and senate find middle ground that won't lose votes for one group or the other? house democrats who voted for stupak concede the senate won't accept his language, which it voted down already. >> it was 45-54. we know that can be done and what cannot be done in the senate. >> analysts say some of the stupak democrats would consider other language, depending on the rest of the bill. >> not all of them are going to be stupak or bust. a lot of the folks are, they want to see, make sure that there was an expansion of abortion coverage, and they
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certainly would be willing to take a compromise. >> pro-life forces say the two bills are light years apart. analysts say stupak himself think a handful of democrats will not compromise. >> i think he's got somewhere between 10 and 15 votes that will not support healthcare reform. if it has the senate language. >> reporter: that is critical, since the house bill only passed by five votes to begin with. if it loses more than three, the final healthcare bill would not pass. bret? >> bret: we will follow it every step of the way. jim, great series. thank you. the final budget plan from california republican governor arnold schwarzenegger calls for washington to help sacramento climb out of its huge budget hole. correspondent anita vogel tells us how much the governor wants from uncle sasasa sam. >> reporter: looking down the barrel of $20 billion deficit, california governor budget says he needs $6.9 billion federal dollars to keep the state afloat. >> we also seek more
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flexibility to prioritize our own resources and manage our own budget. rite now the federal government is forcing us to spend money we do not have. >> the governor says this is no bail-out. but money the state is owed for medicare, border protection, prison and other federal programs. california taxpayers send more money to the federal government tan any other state. and get back just 78 cents on the dollar. 20% less than it got back under the clinton administration. >> we're giving to washington and they're sending out to other states. >> reporter: 42 states are projecting a deficit in the coming fiscal year. like california, new york, new jersey, florida, and illinois all expect to be billions in the red, making congress wary of setting a precedent. but economists say letting california drown in red ink could hit the national economy hard, because the golden state is home to 12% of the u.s. population and produces 13% of the nation's gross domestic product.
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>> it's probably an analogy one could make that we are too big to fail. it doesn't mean that we may not have some difficulties, that we need to address ourselves, but the failure of california would be a failure for the country. >> reporter: the budget governor schwarzenegger unveiled friday slashes programs across the board. and raised an unused state fund for half a billion dollars to give tax credit to industry to create new jobs. in the end, he needs legislators in washington and sacramento to go along with his plan. or the state could face even more extraordinary cuts or crippling debt. in los angeles, anita vogel, fox news. >> bret: vice president joe biden's mother has passed away. his office says kathryn "queen""died at the family home in wilmington, delaware.
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she was 92. is it right for the u.s. to target americans overseas while giving constitutional rights to foreign terror suspects? we report, you decide. and two men are arrested in new york for what officials are calling a terror plot. a live report is three minutes away.
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gentle hills of his
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homeland. the autonomous # saddam tried to obliterate them. we have defended our region for years. that's from inside and outside iraq. >> the defenders of the kurdish people. once a renegade band of warriors, they remain a marginal fighting force. it's a mainly arab group. >> we're all iraqi people and will defend our people: the arabs in the south who run the country are undistrustful of those born and breadth in the north, to the point that america has intervened.
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u.s. troops based in the region have been preparing for new joint patrols. this will bring the armies side by side. top command believes tension in the north is the single biggest threat to long-term stability in iraq. very different issues. (inaudible) >> america and the kurds are on the same side. just as it is with the arab iraqis. it's extremely safe. i'm not wearing a flak jacket yet. the military took off their body
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armor. but this may not last should the joint patrols backfire and conflict breaks out between the groups. there is much to fight for across the sweeping land. natural fault lines run in every direction. fox news. >> defense secretary robert gates is staying on for at least another year. gates met with president obama before christmas and agreed to keep running the pentagon. mr. obama asked gates to stay on the job shortly after winning the 2008 election. we will find out what almost kept hillary clinton from taking the secretary of state job and republican party chairman michael steele is mad and he's not going to take it anymore.
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living in one of the most trying of times since the great depression. government spending trillions of dollars and counting. a debt that will burden our children and grandchildren for years to come.
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this is a fox news alert. you're looking at a map of london heathrow airport. we are getting news from our sister network, sky news, that armed guards went onto a plane. it had been taxiing down for dubai. they removed one suspect. he was cuffed, according to witnesses. there was bomb sniffing dogs put on that plane. it's an emritz airliner. we don't know the results of that search. however, the people on board the plane have been taken off the plane, another part of the airport. just happening. we're getting more news. this comes at tense times as security has increased at
6:32 pm
airports all around the world since the christmas day bombing attempt on the airliner bound for detroit. we're waiting for more information. again, london heathrow airport. at least one man has been taken off, cuffed by armed guards. we'll follow up from our sister network, sky news. now, the latest from the political grapevine. some republican congressional leaders apparently had no idea gop chairman michael steele had written a book about the party's future until they saw him on tv promoting it. one aide tells the "washington post," quote, no one in the house or senate leadership knew he had a book contract. another said steele is freelancing. the chairman has also taken fire for accepting speaking fees and for some of his public comments. today steele said he's had enough. quote, if you don't want me in the job, fire me. but until then, shut up. a new book says hillary clinton hesitated when offered the secretary of state job because of concerns about her husband.
6:33 pm
former president bill clinton. mrs. clinton reportedly told president-elect obama, quote, there is one last thing that's a problem, which is my husband. you've seen what this is like. it will be a circus if i take this job. president obama, of course, pressed for her to take the job anyway. john mccain's senior advisor said sarah palin's poor preparation during the debate led one colleague to predict what he called a debauchle of historic and epic proportions. steve schmidt says palin was not focused or engaged during preparations and he says she kept referring to her opponent as joe o biden which led aides to come up with her famous question, can i call you joe? documents released by the administration thursday regarding intelligence failures prior to the unsuccessful christmas day airplane bombing had two glaring mistakes of their own. national intelligence director dennis blair wrote that the suspect, quote, boarded
6:34 pm
northwest flight 153 for detroit. but it was flight 253. and the summary of the white house review said the suspect's father met with the u.s. embassy officials in nigeria on november 18. but it was actually the 19th. and as the u.s. and other countries attempt to implement heightened security measures at various airports as we just saw, our neighbors to the north are focusing on another issue. the canadian transportation agency rule that had air canada must create a special buffer zone on flights for people who are allergic to nuts. they should be considered disabled and accommodated with a separate seating section. air canada stopped offering a peanuts to passengers years ago, but still offers cash knews and other mixed nuts. our top story at the bottom of the hour, the man charged with trying to blow up an american airliner on christmas day pleaded not guilty during a court appearance in detroit.
6:35 pm
now we look at efforts to eliminate a religious figure linked to the suspect. >> reporter: a u.s. official confirms that al-awlaki, a radical cleric, once the target of at least one air strike in yemen shortly before christmas day. he's only considered a recruiter for al-qaeda, he is an american citizen. it's an operation the white house is reluctant to discuss publicly. >> complicated by intelligence matters. >> reporter: it is also complicated by the fact that as the u.s. targets or backs strikes on a limbed number of its own citizens overseas, the 9-11 conspirators are being afforded the full constitutional rights of an american citizen in the federal courts. which include the presumption of innocence. >> they're granting someone like khalid shaikh mohammed, the 9-11 master mind, the full spectrum of american criminal rights, due process protection, while at the same time, not giving it to person a, person b or c and because we haven't heard a lot from the obama administration as to how they're drawing the lines or what the principles are, that
6:36 pm
underlie the decisions, it's hard to make sense of some of it. >> reporter: another american has reportedly been the target of joint attacks in the tribal areas of pakistan. >> shooting spree at the marine housing facilities at camp pendleton. >> in 2006, he urged followers to attack a military base. this shot by a fox news documentary team shows where he grew up on a goat farm in rural california. he was last in the u.s. more than a decade ago. >> if you are denied the capability to deal with someone through the criminal justice system and that person is killing targeting your citizens and killing your citizens, what else can you do? i would say it's justified. but if you ask me where the crux of that problem in my mind is, it's the issue of proof. >> reporter: when asked by the targeting of u.s. citizens, one senior fill tear official told fox that someone's someone declares himself a men of
6:37 pm
al-qaeda, all bets are off. the nationality doesn't matter. it's a gray area, according to a current military intelligence officer. >> you can gain more information regarding threats by capturing the senior leadership, by capturing operatives and finding a way to bring them to justice and stop them from being martyrs. >> the white house spokesman said the targeting the cleric who is an american citizen, but there was no follow-up by our deadline. >> thank you. we are still following this situation in london. when we get new, we'll see -- you'll see it here. until then, the president says the buck stops with him, but is anyone really accountable for what he has called the screwup? we will talk about the terrorism with the fox all stars after the break.
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fox news alert updating you on a situation in london heathrow airport. british police boarded a plane
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bound for dubai. police arrested, according to our sister station, two people. according to one passenger, one of the men stood up and made verbal threats just before takeoff. another witness is saying basically the police just swarmed the guy and rushed him out. we've been told not to stand up. we've been moved to someplace, a safe place. we are updating this situation. the airport is still open, we're told. we are looking at the situation, waiting for british police official word. a situation, an incident on a plane bound for dubai. heath roe airport. you can see more on the fox report in a bit. right now the administration, obama administration is trying to fend off criticism about how it handled an effort to bring down a bomber, a airliner on christmas day. >> we had a strategic sense of where they were going, but didn't know they had progress to do a point of launching individuals here and we have taken that lesson and now we're
6:42 pm
on top of it. >> it seems to me we have known for some time that al-qaeda is recruiting and training, improving their skills in yemen. >> you can recall the uss cole attack in 2000 where 17 sailors lost their lives and numerous others were injured. and then again, al-qaeda in yemen, attack the u.s. embassy a few years ago. so the threat of al-qaeda in yemen is not something that is new. >> al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, the administration is saying is behind this attack attempt. news analyst for national public radio. columnist for time and fortune magazine, and charles. juan, your thoughts on the fallout from all of this. >> i think the report today revealed -- almost shocking level of failure in the system. number one shock to me was brennan saying very clearly that
6:43 pm
the -- the data of suspected terrorists is not tracked. how can that be? why wouldn't you be looking at where they can travel and whether they can get into the united states? that seems kind of obvious to me. number two, i was surprised that there is no single database that tracks all specific high level threats against the united states. so on those levels it seems there was some shocking information today and, of course, brennan saying he didn't or the whole system, whole intelligence network didn't understand how sophisticated al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula was, a little bit of a shock. i can understand, it's a small group of people, about 100, 200 people and in a very poor country, the poorest country in the middle east and the thought was just not that sophisticated. again, a real wake-up call. but to me, the big surprise is some of the things that we had assumed were being done by our government had not been done. >> nina, when you have lee
6:44 pm
hamilton, a prominent democrat who is co-chair of the 9-11 commission saying, hey, listen, we knew al-qaeda in yemen was a problem a long time ago. fairly damning. >> i think it is. when john brennan today, he said we thought the threat was aspirational. in other words, we thought the direct threat against us wasn't something to be taken seriously. i mean, you can read the newspaper and know that al-qaeda is training operatives in yemen. how can you not know that? i think it goes to the question of we are at war and it's a war that does not end at the iraqi and afghanistan border and the president has been reluctant to use the word war on terror. he went to cairo thinking he could make a conciliatory speech and they would like us. they don't. nothing changed. we're at war. he did say we're at war against al-qaeda yesterday, but i think that has to be reflected by his advisors all the way down, from
6:45 pm
brennan to janet napolitano, yesterday said -- she first said the system worked and then yesterday the system doesn't work, as if it was an engine failure instead of a planned bombing on an airline. they got to use real language that speaks to the real threat that's coming at this country constantly. >> charles? >> i think if you look back over the last two weeks, what is so surprising and unsettling is not the individual missed here and there. i think it's the demeanor and language the president has. he's either disconnected and doesn't want to or doesn't grasp the nature or depth of the threat. when he waits three days after the attack to say anything, he reacts, you know, casually dressed, looking like he was taken off the golf course. he speaks about as if he's giving a police report, speaks about the incident involving a
6:46 pm
suspect, an alleged attack. speaks of him as an isolated extremist, as if this is a disgruntled postal worker attacking someone in the united states. the sense that it's not part of a larger effort. it took him the fifth attempt in the remarks he made yesterday to actually use the term, we are at war. to make it sound as if he believes it. but when it takes a fifth attempt and your initial reaction, which is your truest reaction, is a way of looking at it in the benign and detached, it's extremely unsettling. that's why people are worried. the mistakes are made, the bush administration allowed the attack of richard reid, which we were lucky it didn't actually succeed. it can happen to any administration, a lapse here and there. but a disconnected and detached and affectless president is rather disturbing and that's why i think that the reaction is
6:47 pm
extremely unsettling. >> up next, your choice on-line, the topic of the week. ÷÷÷÷÷
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you're looking at a picture on sky news, our sister network. this is from a passenger aboard that plane that was bound for dubai that the british police stormed, armed guards, officer, you can see them standing up there in the distance. they took off at least one, we're hearing of at least one arrest, possibly two arrests. people in handcuffs and this incident is ongoing in the heathrow, according to a witness, they stormed this plane, basically the police swarmed these guys and rushed them out. they've been moved -- the airport is still open. however, this incident is
6:51 pm
continuing. we'll continue to follow it here on fox. we want to keep you updated. this week and every week, special report page the viewers vote on what topic to discuss first during the friday lightning round. you can see that poll on our web site halfway down on the right-hand side. as of 3:00 p.m. today, about 40% of the almost 1600 votes went to president obama's executive order on inter pol. that's where we begin. here is what it says. designating interpol as a public organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, exemptions and immunities. i guess, charles, the immunities has people really concerned. what do we think about this? >> i defer to no one in believing the u.n. ought to sink into the east river and disappear. but this is really benign. this basically is saying that interpol has the same rights as the swiss delegation. so it will not have to pay
6:52 pm
parking tickets. that may be a scandal, i think it is, but it's not a black helicopter landing in your backyard. >> no conspiracy here? >> i didn't see one from what i read. it seems like the obama white house is extending the protections that go to the united nations and other international organizations to interpol which finally opened an office in 2004, hadn't done so before, and it basically protects its records from being shared with other countries and so on. it seems like a very straightforward. i don't see a conspiracy. >> the white house saying the immunities are less than diplomats across the board get. it protects their offices. >> from what i understand, red cross, world bank, that level. but here is the thing, they should act as a clearing house for information. we were talking earlier in the program about making sure that you are aware of threats. al-qaeda threat, terrorist threat is world wide and
6:53 pm
interpol can be an essential part of our justice organization here in the united states, our you are pursuit of terrorists. we should be able to work and without fear of, here is the threat posed, that that organization can arrest american officials for war crimes. that's paranoid. >> no superseding u.s. authority. >> no, absolutely not. >> okay. all right. that's the panel's thought on this. next topic, the economy. the unemployment rate stays at 10%. but jobs lost, about 85,000, including ups, dropped 1800 jobs. >> the job losses were greater than economists expected. it was not good news and it shows that the unemployment rate, even if growth is at 3 or 4%, gdp growth in the next couple quarters, the unemployment rate is still going to stay well above 9%. >> charles? >> the obama bodes ill, coming out of the reagan recession, the
6:54 pm
growth rate was near 8%. obama will be lucky if he gets half or a third of that. reagan had a smashing reelection. obama is going to be struggling along for several years with this. it will jeopardize and not only the democrats in november, in the mid terms, it could be a real drag on the president in 2012. >> the president has wanted to pivot to jobs and try to create jobs and talk about it more, but obviously he's talking all about terrorism and security in the past two weeks. >> right. they had planned today to really try to focus on jobs. it wasn't good news. they're distracted to some level. the odd part of this is wall street had a really good week this week. things keep coming along on wall street. it's just a very strong sort of destroy craig between the two economies. if you're at that level, and wall street seems to be doing well, you hope that's a sign that employers are going to gain more confidence, consumers will gain more confidence and that
6:55 pm
will get our economy back in gear. >> nina, since the stimulus was passed, almost 3 million jobs have been lost. that's a staggering number. >> the stimulus impact is actually -- it's been on gdp growth and going to lessen as the months go by. the other interesting thing about the job numbers is that the unemployment rate is being held up because people aren't finding jobs. it's not that companies are increasing their layoffs. it's that people aren't finding or getting new jobs. the president is likely going to try to extend unemployment benefits and some economists are now saying that that's going to have a reverse effect because it takes the sting out of being unemployed and you're going to have people pushing harder to look for a job or to relocate for a job. >> quickly. >> stimulus is also added a trillion dollars of debt. that's something we'll have to unwind that. it will restrict the ability of this administration to address unemployment and recession in the future, unlike in the reagan
6:56 pm
years. >> okay. a little different friday lightning round because of the breaking news, but we'll do it again next week. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for some quick thinking that never really developed.
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finally, we have all kinds of kickers for the end of the show here. there is some pressure to try to find one that at least gets a chuckle. today the staff voted that this clip dealing with someone under pressure fits the bill. >> thing is the category. here we go. self potato. >> i don't know. did it make it maybe it didn't make it. make it a great weekend. we will see you monday.

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